Handlebar VOCA Racing HB28






VOCA HB28 handlebars for mopeds and cross bikes.

The VOCA HB28 handlebars are made with 5 mm thick, high quality T6 alloy, with a 28.6 mm diameter. Very resistant and very light, toped with a stunning VOCA design.

  • Resistance, lightness and a laser-engraved VOCA logo on the design.
  • Length from end to end of 805 mm, with cut lines at both ends to easily cut it at 795 mm and 785 mm.
  • The height from the centre of the brackets to the ends is 94 mm. The ideal handlebar for all gear bikes and motorcycles in general, with Ø 28.6 risers. If your current handlebar is Ø 22.2, you will need to change the brackets or an adapter for Ø28.6 ones to be able to mount this handlebar.
  • In the details, we can see the laser markings. In the central part of the handlebar, there are numbered lines to adjust the exact position of the handlebar.
  • Large VOCA logos that make this handlebar stand out.
  • The aluminium finish is blasted, which gives it a matte touch. The ends remain polished so that the throttle slides correctly. The surface of the left ending has been designed to optimize the fitting of the grip.

The handlebar is available in red, black, and gold.


  • A: 805 mm
  • B: 180 mm
  • C: 94 mm
  • D: 70 mm
  • E: 25º
  • Inner diameter 14 mm