Handlebar Protector VOCA NEWBE 250 mm Gear Bikes






VOCA NEWBE 250 mm Handlebar Protector for handlebars with bars.

This 250 mm handlebar protector is designed with the discerning rider in mind, offering both visual appeal and practical benefits that are sure to enhance your biking experience.

Double Logo Design: The VOCA NEWBE 250 mm Handlebar Protector features a unique double logo design, ensuring that your bike stands out from the crowd both from the front and the rear. Whether you’re riding on the track, hitting the trails, or cruising the streets, this eye-catching accessory will turn heads and make a statement.

Versatile Compatibility: Engineered to fit a wide range of handlebars, including those on geared motorcycles, cross bikes, enduro bikes, and pit bikes, this protector adds a touch of colour and style to your ride. It’s the perfect way to personalize your motorcycle and showcase your unique taste and personality.

Vibrant Colour Options: The VOCA NEWBE 250 mm Handlebar Protector is available in five vibrant colours – Red, Green, Orange, Blue, and Pink. Choose the shade that best complements your bike’s aesthetics, or mix and match for a truly personalized look. The options are endless, allowing you to create a bike that’s as unique as you are.

Complete Package: When you invest in the VOCA NEWBE 250 mm Handlebar Protector, you receive the foam and PVC cover. This comprehensive package ensures that your handlebars are not only protected from the elements but also from wear and tear, adding durability and longevity to your investment.

Upgrade your motorcycle with the VOCA NEWBE HB25 Handlebar Protector and experience the perfect blend of style and substance. With its distinctive double logo design, compatibility with various handlebars, and a range of vibrant colour choices, it’s the ultimate choice for riders seeking to make a statement and enhance their biking experience.

Get ready to ride in style and with added protection – choose VOCA Racing.