Silencer VOCA Evo BESTIA with style disc

SKU: VCR-RD30350





Silencer VOCA Evo Bestia with Style Disc.

Some notable changes to its predecessor includes the black studs and a new logo that now features on the back of the silencer, end cap, and cover. Spectacular unique design, marking the new BESTIA range from VOCA Racing.

The best of all is that it is adaptable to the vast majority of exhausts on the market. Such as Metrakit, SCR Racing line, Barikit BRK and, of course, VOCA BigBore 90, VOCA Carbon 80cc, Rookie 50/70 (CE), WARRIOR 50/70 and Chromed 50/70 (CE) exhausts.

You can also change the look of your silencer by changing the style disc to any of the colours available.


  • Compact size of only 20 cm
  • Black studs
  • Newly designed end cap and rivet, with BESTIA engraving
  • Silencer available in 3 colours Red, Black, or Blue
  • Riveted flange prevents the pipe from rotating, even on an engine set up with a lot of vibrations
  • CNC machined aluminium double piece silencer outlet
  • Reinforced interior
  • Silencer outlet has five chrome-plated stainless steel screws, for more safety, quality, and design
  • A more compact and high temperature-resistant packing.
  • Laser engraved VOCA logo in a new, more detailed format
  • 360° engraved design, no matter which way you mount it, the logo will always be in the right direction.
  • Nuts included
  • Centre to centre bolt size: 40 mm