Silencer VOCA Gearbike 50cc

SKU: VCR-RD30200





At first glance the VOCA Racing silencer stands out due to its small size of only 20 cm.

It is available in three materials, real carbon, real Kevlar or aluminium. In contrast to other racing silencers, the body of the carbon tube is 100% genuine.

The aluminium version is available in a choice of three sporty colours, Red, Black, or Blue.

The riveted flange prevents the pipe from rotating, even if it is mounted on a tuned engine with a lot of vibrations. At the end of the silencer is the aluminium end cap. This part is CNC machined from small solid blocks of aluminium before being anodised in black. The five chrome-plated stainless steel screws that hold this part ensure a fine look.

Another nice detail is the little tube coming out of the silencer. Instead of a curved pipe, the VOCA Racing uses a straight pipe, cut diagonally.

The carbon and Kevlar versions have a chrome-plated VOCA sticker, which is heat-resistant. The aluminium ones have a laser engraved logo.

The VOCA Racing silencer fits Metrakit SP, Metrakit ProRace, SCR Crome, SCR Handmade, SCR Racingline, Barikit BRK and of course VOCA BigBore 90, VOCA Carbon 80cc, Rookie 50/70 (CE), Warrior 50/70 and Chromed 50/70 (CE).

Gasket included.