Reed valve VForce 4 Derbi E2/E3 (Honda CR80 / CR85)




The new Vforce 4R reed valve for HONDA CR 80 / CR 85 1980-2007 has been designed to offer exceptional durability and significantly improve the performance of your bike. The unique design of the VForce reed valve system features twice the surface of the reed tip over a conventional reed valve design. This has two main benefits:

1) Reed petals only have to move half the distance as a conventional reed valve design to obtain the same flow of air.

2) Because sheet petals only need to move half the distance, there is a greater chance that they open fully, as well as a better sealing when they are “closed”, getting more power, and a noticeable change of the gas response.

NOTE: It is possible to adapt this reed valve on Derbi Euro 2 and Euro 3 engines by making some modifications to the engine crankcase. Recommended for engines used in competition.