Maintenance kit VOCA Gearbikes 4 in 1




Maintenance kit 4 in 1 VOCA Tech-Care for gearbikes, includes Chain-Grease, Power-Brake Cleaner, heat resistant Varnish and synthetic Transmission oil 10W40. Clean, Protect, Lubricate – get your special price VOCA Tech-Care kit including all needed maintenance products. Clean engine-, metal- and brake parts with the highly efective VOCA Power Brake Cleaner. Clean and Lubricate your bike chain with the high quality and sticky VOCA Chain Grease. Protect your racing exhaust with the VOCA 800º C Heat Resistant Clear Varnish. Use the high performance synthetic VOCA 10W40 transmission oil to assure smooth and precise gear shifting. RSP 29 € (18% Saving RSP buying separately: 35,50 €).