Oil Mix VOCA STR synthetic 2-Stroke 1L




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Introducing the VOCA STR Synthetic Oil Mix – Your Engine’s Best Friend

VOCA presents the STR Synthetic, a revolutionary synthetic-based oil mix designed to improve the performance and longevity of your 2-Stroke engines, whether air-cooled or water-cooled. This anti-pollution oil acts as an octane booster, ensuring a spotless combustion process.

Tailored for the new generation of 2-Stroke engines across all motorcycle types, this oil mix is ideal for both pre-mix and separate lubrication systems. It offers a wide range of benefits that enhance your engine’s efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

  1. Maximized Power: Experience the full potential of your engine with maximum power development.
  2. Engine wear reduction: STR Synthetic minimizes engine wear, extending its lifespan.
  3. Residue-free combustion: Say goodbye to carbon residue build-up with a clean combustion process.
  4. Spark plug longevity: Prolong the life of your spark plugs, reducing maintenance costs.
  5. Consistent performance: Enjoy operational safety across all engine RPM ranges.
  6. Minimal smoke emission: Keep emissions to a minimum for an eco-friendly ride.

Technical Specifications:

  • Colour: Red
  • Density at 20 °C: 0.87
  • Viscosity at 100 °C: 8.5


VOCA’s STR Synthetic is engineered to be mixed with petrol, effectively lubricating the cylinder walls and piston. This drastically reduces friction in the combustion chamber, preventing engine seizures and ensuring optimal performance.


The oil-to-gasoline ratio should be determined based on your engine manufacturer’s recommendations, typically ranging between 1% and 5%. For every 5 litres of petrol, add between 50 and 250 ml of STR Synthetic oil.

Elevate your engine’s performance, extend its life, and reduce emissions with VOCA’s STR Synthetic 1L Oil Mix. It’s the perfect companion for your 2-Stroke engine, delivering unmatched benefits for your motorcycle. Unleash the full potential of your ride with VOCA Racing.