Heat-resistant Sticker VOCA New Logo Chromed






VOCA Racing Heat-Resistant Sticker – Redefine Your Ride!

Elevate your bike’s aesthetics with these exclusive heat-resistant stickers, boasting a stunning chromed effect that adds a touch of elegance to your ride. Available in two bold and captivating colours, Black and Red, these stickers are designed to make a statement and reflect your unique style.

Premium Quality: Crafted with precision, these stickers are not just visually appealing, but also built to withstand high temperatures. Whether you’re navigating city streets or taking on challenging terrain, these stickers maintain their brilliant finish and durability.

Size Matters: Measuring at a versatile 11×4 cm, these stickers can adorn various parts of your bike or scooter. Add a touch of VOCA to your fairings, fenders, helmet, or any other surface to showcase your passion for two-wheelers and the VOCA legacy.

Transform your motorcycle or scooter into a canvas of self-expression with the VOCA Heat-Resistant Sticker.

Don’t miss the chance to redefine your bike’s appearance and showcase your unique style with these high-quality stickers. It’s more than just a decorative accessory; it’s a bold expression of your love for the ride.

Choose your colour, stick it, and roll on in style!