Handlebar VOCA Cross 22.2mm Black with protector






Voca Racing handlebar, ideal for 50cc gear bikes.

Made of T6 aluminium alloy tube, with a diameter of 22.2 mm and 5 mm of thickness. Resistance, lightness and a stunning VOCA Racing design.

  • Length from end to end 805 mm, with line marks at the ends for easy cutting to 795 mm and 785 mm.
  • The height from the centre of the brackets to the ends is 94 mm.
  • The handlebar is ideal for all geared mopeds and motorbikes in general, with 22.2 mm diameter brackets.
  • On detail, we can see the laser markings in the central part of the handlebar with numbered lines, to adjust the exact position of the handlebar.
  • The large VOCA logos are designed to stand out and remain visible.
  • The aluminium finish is sandblasted, which gives it a matt look. However, the handlebar ends have remained polished in order to ensure the correct sliding of the throttle.
  • The surface of the left handlebar has been sandblasted to ensure that the grip remains fixed.

The handlebar is available with a black, red, or silver cover.