Exhaust VOCA Cross Carbon 80/90cc Sherco 50 SM-R / SE-R




Voca Racing Cross Carbon 80/90cc exhaust for Sherco 50 SM-R and SE-R from 2014 with top right exhaust outlet. For off-road or SM racing lovers!

Made of special steel plate 0.8 mm with 18 hand-welded cones. The exhaust has been developed by the VOCA Racing team on the dyno, which ensures maximum performance.

In addition to its performance, the structure of the exhaust has been improved compared to other manufacturers, it adapts very well to the shape of the chassis, which allows off-road riding without damaging the exhaust.

The reinforced genuine carbon silencer features a riveted flange that prevents the usual breakages caused by rolling or even complete detachment of the carbon. It also comes with an interchangeable Style disc, available in various colours.

Suitable for 80cc to 90cc cylinders, also for 70cc kits. Ideal for set-ups working between 12,500 – 13,500 RPM.

If you are looking for a high-end exhaust with a quality right side top outlet with power, design, and aggressiveness, this is what you are looking for.

Attention! Exhaust nozzle Ø32mm, suitable for most BigBore cylinders on the market. Please check the diameter of your cylinder before purchasing.