VOCA Cross Chromed 50/70cc (CE) Sherco 50 SM-R / SE-R

SKU: VCR-RD38184









New upper exhaust VOCA Cross Chromed 50/70cc for all Motocross and Supermotard fans.

The Cross Chromed 50/70cc is similar to the very popular Cross Rookie 50/70 exhaust when it comes to geometry and performance.

The main difference lies in the chromed and polished surface that ensures a unique and exclusive look. With a more Offroad look, it is manufactured with a hydroforming process, coated with high-quality chrome and polished finish.

It has the CE approval number and VOCA logo stamped on the body.

Recommended for original 50cc engines up to 70cc Sport / Mid-race engines.

Equipped with a reinforced aluminium silencer with a laser engraved VOCA logo. Available in black or red.