CDI VOCA Unlimited Euro 4 Derbi D50B0

SKU: VCR-RD10193.E4



De-restricted CDI for new Derbi Euro 4 models equipped with D50B0 engine. An essential element to mount when preparing the new EURO 4 engines, since they are electronically limited. VOCA Racing has developed this unlimited CDI, developed on a power bank, and tested on the streets. Depending on the preparation you have, it is capable of reaching up to 14,000 RPM, obtaining as well more top speed. Suitable for both original engines and prepared engines.

Valid for:
RX 50 18- E4 (D50B) ZD4KKA0
RX 50 Factory 18- E4 (D50B) ZD4KKA01
SX 50 18- E4 (D50B) ZD4KKB01
SX 50 Factory 18- E4 (D50B) ZD4KKB03

Senda 50 R X-Treme 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKA00
Senda 50 SM Limited 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKB04
Senda 50 SM Racing 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKB02
Senda 50 SM X-Treme 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKB00

RCR 50 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKA00
SMT 50 18- E4 (D50B) ZDPKKB00