Tuning air hose VOCA +Flow Aerox 4 Stroke




Tuning air intake hose for Yamaha Aerox 50cc and Yamaha Neo’s 50cc 4 stroke models. When mounting the unlimited VOCA ECU VCR-RD10170 it is advisable to mount this intake air hose to increase the airflow and obtain the correct air/fuel mixture and therefore gain more power. The inner diameter of the sleeve is increased to 28mm at both ends (originally it is 10mm at one end and 19mm at the other ending).

Recommendation: There is also a limiter in the original air filter box. If you want even more air to pass through, this limiter should be removed.

Valid for:
Yamaha AEROX 4 (4 Stroke) as from 2018
Yamaha  NEOS 4 (4 Stroke) as from 2018