Variator RF Race Faster Minarelli d.13mm

SKU: VCR-RD601.13



Variator Voca Racing for Minarelli engines with a crankshaft with 13 mm diameter axle. The Voca variator is not a conventional variator, since it operates with cams, which means it does not need rollers, allowing a more precise adjustment and better performance results. The VOCA RF variator is almost maintenance-free since the only maintenance element is the cover guides. Another improvement to take into account is that this variator includes several sets of weights, to find the optimal setting for your preparation.

Included weights:
8,5 gr
9 gr
9,5 gr
10 gr
10,5 gr
11 gr
11,5 gr
12 gr

This variator leaves no one indifferent since it can be used both in series engines and in modified engines. You will take advantage of its full potential with Sport and high end engines. Attention: The electric starting system must be removed to mount this variator.