Universal VOCA FR Stand (Front & Rear)




VOCA FR Stand valid for both the rear or front of your bike. A perfect stand to facilitate the maintenance of your motorcycle, grease the chain or to change tires on the front and rear wheel. It includes three different adapters for various mounting options, and high-strength red color silicone wheels. Thanks to the different adapters, you can use it for your moped and your motorcycle, both for the front fork and for the rear wheel, and all this at an incredible price.

Rear end options:
Swingarm support, rubber finish to prevent chafing
Support to use the stand with spool sliders.
Adjustable 26cm-35.5cm

Front part options:
Support for fork tips.16.3-25.5cm adjustable

To modify the use of the stand, you only have to change the rear to make it narrower (front wheel) or wider (rear wheel). The approximate elevation of the wheel is 34cm. The VOCA FR Stand is capable of supporting loads of up to 250kg, so it is valid for almost all motorcycles on the market. It does not include spool sliders.