Synthetic transmission oil VOCA Racing Gear 10W40 1L




1 unit
12 units


VOCA Racing 100% transmission oil. Specially designed to care for and lubricate gearboxes, submerged clutches and gears of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines to the highest standards.

It stands out for its high impact protection between the gears. It creates an oil film, with a cushioning effect, which absorbs the strong impacts between gear teeth when accelerating and downshifting hard. Furthermore, it reduces friction between teeth, wear, noise and working temperature. Thus extending the life of your gearbox or clutch discs.

Being a SAE 10W40 multipoint oil, it works perfectly from cold engine, even in winter (10W works from -20ºC), while offering good viscosity when hot. It maintains its working properties at high temperatures. Kinematic viscosity value at 100ºC, 14.5cST.

For all these reasons, we can say that it is an oil totally suitable for very cold and hot environments. Equally good for demanding engines, tuned and competition engines, with high working temperatures. Between these two extremes, the performance is optimal.

Each container contains 1L of oil.