Rear Sprocket VOCA CNC Derbi Senda >00 / MRT / XP6 420







High-Performance CNC VOCA Sprocket

Upgrade your Derbi Senda >00, Rieju MRT, Peugeot XP6, or Aprilia RX with the superior VOCA Racing CNC sprocket, designed specifically for 420 pitch chains.

Unmatched Performance and Durability

Crafted from aeronautical specification aluminium alloy (AA-7075-T6) using a precision machining process, this sprocket sets new benchmarks in the motorbike component industry. Its advanced material delivers strength comparable to traditional steel sprockets, while significantly reducing weight. This reduction in weight enhances drivetrain efficiency and improves motorbike handling. With the VOCA Racing sprocket, riders can experience a noticeable improvement in the responsiveness and agility of their motorbikes.

Superior Structural Integrity

The VOCA Racing sprocket features a seamless, weld-free monobloc structure, ensuring exceptional structural integrity. This design optimises power transfer from the engine to the rear wheel, minimizing power loss and maximizing performance. The precision engineering behind this sprocket guarantees a reliable and durable component that can withstand the rigours of high-performance riding. The VOCA Racing sprocket delivers consistent power and durability.

Customizable Aesthetic

Available in a variety of colour finishes—red, black, blue, and titanium effect—the VOCA Racing sprocket allows for personalised visual customisation. Riders can match their sprocket to their motorbike’s colour scheme without compromising the component’s functional integrity. The ability to choose from different colour finishes means that every rider can find a sprocket that complements their style. Additionally, the sprockets are available in both 48 teeth and 50 teeth versions, providing options to suit different performance needs and preferences. Whether you require more torque or higher speed, VOCA Racing has a sprocket to meet your demands.

Technical Specifications

  • Inner Diameter (A): 105 mm
  • Hole Spacing (B): 125 mm
  • Hole Diameter (C): 8.5 mm
  • Chain Pitch: 420
  • Hole Configuration: 6 holes in 3×2 format

With these detailed specifications, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your motorbike. The accurate measurements ensure compatibility and ease of installation, making the upgrade process straightforward and hassle-free.

Enhance Your Riding Experience

The VOCA Racing CNC sprocket is engineered for excellence and reliability, offering a combination of performance, durability, and style. By upgrading to a VOCA Racing sprocket, riders can experience enhanced power transfer, reduced weight, and improved handling. This high-quality sprocket not only boosts performance but also adds a touch of personal flair to your motorbike. Whether you are a professional racer or an enthusiastic rider, the VOCA Racing CNC sprocket is the ideal choice to elevate your riding experience.

Invest in the best and feel the difference with every ride