Main jet set Dell’Orto 6mm 75-98




Jet kit 6mm from Voca brand for Dellorto carburettors. The 6mm jets are adaptable for any Dellorto carburettors with a diameter between 12 and 17,5mm.

Application list:
PHBE: Pilot Jet
PHBH: Pilot Jet
PHBL: Pilot Jet
PHBN: Pilot Jet
PHVA: Pilot Jet
PHVN: Pilot Jet
VHSA: Pilot Jet
VHSB: Pilot Jet
VHST: Pilot Jet
VHSH: Pilot Jet

Available Kits:
From 50 to 72.
From 75 to 98.
From 100 to 122.

Tips for carburettor adjust:
To start you need to have the motorcycle idling for about 3 minutes for the engine to warm up. Once the bike is warmed up, give it a full throttle for a few seconds and hold for about 5 second at maximum RPM without releasing the throttle. Turn off the bike and proceed to remove the spark plug. Depending on the color of the spark plug, we can determine what the engine need.

If the spark plug is light coffee with milk (Color) it means that the bike is dry, you have to increase the pilot jet about 5 or 10 points more.
If the spark plug is only brown, or it is greasy, you have to lower the pilot jet about 5 or 10 points less.