Magnetic kill switch VOCA Racing




The VOCA killswitch is a very useful accesory for competition and daily use. The VOCA Killswitch consists of a fix and a detachable part. The fix part has to be fitted to the handlebar. The detachable part consists of a flexible lanyard with an magnetic ending that has to go around the drivers wrist. In case that the magnetic end of the lanyard is connected to the base of the killwitch the bike is ready to go. But once the lanyard is deconnected the iginition is interrupted and the bike will stop.

The killswitch was originally invented for safety reasons in competition to avoid harm to racers from still running bike after accidents. That’s why killswitchs got especially famous in Motocross competion. Recently Killswitchs are more and more used on normal bikes. A killswitch does not only look good, it can substitute as well the ignition key of the bike. The VOCA killswitch has again a very exclusive design realized in black and red colours topped by white logotypes on the lanyard.

The installation of the VOCA Kill Switch is easy, just connect the brown cable to the ground and the black cable to the ignition of the bike.