Handlebar Protector VOCA NEWBE 180 mm Scooter – Pit bike






The VOCA Racing NEWBE 180 mm Handlebar Protector is a game-changer designed for riders seeking both style and functionality. With its unique features, compatibility, and a range of vibrant colour choices, this accessory is set to transform your riding experience.

Double Logo Design: Crafted with precision, the VOCA Racing 180 mm Handlebar Protector boasts a distinctive double logo design, ensuring that your bike stands out from all angles. The embossed logos at both ends showcase our commitment to quality and style. Whether you’re leading the pack or following closely, your bike is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Cross-Compatibility: This handlebar protector is tailored for cross-type handlebars commonly found on scooters, trials bikes, and pit bikes. These handlebars tend to be shorter, making the 180 mm size of the VOCA Racing protector a perfect fit. Now, you can add a touch of colour and style to your ride without compromise.

Vibrant Colour Selection: The VOCA Racing NEWBE 180 mm Handlebar Protector is available in an array of vibrant colours to suit your bike’s personality and match your unique style. Choose from Red, Green, Orange, Blue, or Pink, and elevate your bike’s aesthetics effortlessly. Mix and match to create a customized look that’s uniquely yours.

Complete Package: When you invest in the VOCA Racing 180 mm Handlebar Protector, you’re getting more than just a stylish accessory. It includes both the foam and PVC cover, ensuring that your handlebars are not only protected from potential impacts but also from wear and tear, adding durability and longevity to your investment.

Personalize your motorcycle and enjoy the benefits of added protection with the VOCA Racing NEWBE 180 mm Handlebar Protector. With its eye-catching design, cross-compatible fit, and an impressive range of colour options, it’s the ultimate choice for riders who demand both style and substance.