Exhaust VOCA Sabotage V2 50/70 (CE), Minarelli horizontal, red




VOCA Racing expands its catalogue with homologated exhaust systems for Piaggio, Minarelli horizontal and Minarelli vertical scooters! Unlike common homologated exhaust systems, the VOCA Sabotage V2 50/70 (CE) exhaust fascinates with a 100% racing appearance. The Sabotage is a true “multi-purpose” exhaust system! It is not only an excellent choice for 50cc scooters, it also performs very well on 70cc Sport- and 70cc Midrace-cylinders (once the restriction of the exhaust has been removed). Thus the homologated Sabotage 50/70 (CE) exhaust system for example is a very good option for those who initially prefer to go with the original 50cc cylinder and later change to a better performing 70cc engine.

In terms of design, VOCA Racing continues its exclusive line, offering a unique racing look! On the anodized aluminum silencer you will find a white laser-written VOCA logotype and additional bracket that normally only is known from high-end racing exhaust systems like the VOCA Combat. The CNC machined, black anodized aluminium endings are mounted with five stainless screws, assuring an exclusive look. The face of the VOCA logotype is laser cutted into the exhaust bracket and stamped into the exhaust body. Apart of the red and the black aluminum version, VOCA Racing is also offering the VOCA Sabotage 50/70 (CE) exhaust system with an exclusive carbon silencer. Quality made by VOCA Racing! Exhaust VOCA Sabotage V2 50/70cc Minarelli horizontal, red silencer.