Exhaust system Tomahawk 4T, Pitbike 150/160cc




The new exhaust VOCA Tomahawk 4T is a novelty in the world of Pitbike racing. An exhaust designed for Z- and YX-engines (150 and 160cc). Noted for novelty of an adjustable exhaust flange, that allows a mounting on a wide number of models such as IMR and YZF pitbikes. The silencer and the exhaust flange are mounted with springs, avoiding damage caused by vibrations. A severe racing machine, equipped with a hand welded inox manifold (0.8 mm stainless steel)! The silencer consists of a detachable stainless conical profile, including a stamped VOCA logotype on the muffler. Endings are made of high quality, CNC-machined and black anodized aluminum. After intense development the VOCA Tomahawk 150/160cc exhaust assures a gain of performance throughout the entire power curve. As well as improved perfomance results, the new VOCA Tomahawk 150/160cc exhaust will change the look of your pitbike into a real racing machine.