Exhaust VOCA Chromed 50/70cc (CE) Minarelli AM6

SKU: VCR-RD15188





The chrome-plated and CE-approved exhaust has a very fine finish and a chrome coating that offers extra protection against rust.

Can be combined with the original cylinder, a Sport cylinder, and by removing the limiter with a mid-range set-up.

Equipped with VOCA silencer, laser engraved with the VOCA logo. Like all other silencers, it is reinforced with additional brackets.

The exhaust is available in three versions, with red, black or blue silencer.

Two nozzles are included: 25/28 mm and 28/28 mm.

Note: This exhaust has two restrictions, one where it connects to the cylinder and another where the silencer is fitted. For Beta models, we offer separate references for easier fitment.