Electric waterpump VOCA Brushless 25 l/min




A true “High-Tech” electric pump that is manufactured with a polymer casing that guarantees a reduced weight and resistance to high, low temperatures, humidity and acids. The motor of the pump is brushless what avoids wear, noise and heat. But above all it reduces the consumption and offers us a long life of the pump. The original mecanical water pumps of the majority of bikes are driven by the crankshaft and rotate at the engine revolutions, so they do not always offer a necessary flow of cooling liquid. For example at low RPM.

Important! The pump must be used in a properly purged liquid circuit for optimal operation. Dry use of the pump can cause damage. The product does not include any support and / or anchor for mounting on the motorcycle.

Technical data:
Necessary power: 12 V DC +/- 2V (Check the stability of the signal)
Nominal flow: 25 L / min = 1,500 L / h
Coolant tube connection: 15mm
Rated current: 1 A
Nominal power: 12 W
IP protection: IP 67
Working temperature: -40ºC – 120ºC
Working noise measurements: ≤ 50 dB from 1m distance
Connections of the connector:
Red: (-) Mass
Blue: (+) Positive