Cylinder VOCA Bestia 80cc Minarelli AM6

SKU: VCR-RD1188.80-CYL





Cylinder VOCA Bestia 80cc for Minarelli AM6 with Red or Black modular cylinder head.

Revolutionize your riding experience with the meticulously engineered VOCA Bestia 80cc Cylinder. Unleash the power and additional thrust you’ve been yearning for, taking your bike to an entirely new level of performance.

With an increased capacity of 80cc, this cylinder provides the extra power and boost you desire. Every detail of this kit has been finely crafted to perfection.

Prepare to feel the difference.

Material Advantages:

  • Aluminium construction with nickel, carbide, and silicon coating.
  • Enhanced durability and wear resistance.
  • Superior heat dissipation for optimal performance and prevention of overheating.
  • Reduced friction for smoother engine operation.
  • Compatibility with modern lubricants for improved maintenance and performance.
  • Improved engine performance with better throttle response and combustion efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter: Ø50
  • Stroke: 39.3 mm
  • Distribution: 7 Transfers
  • Displacement: 78.5 cc
  • Squish: 0.8 mm
  • Red or Black modular cylinder head

Kit Includes:

  • Aluminium cylinder with nickel and silicon carbide coating
  • Anodized Tech piston (VCR-RD1188.PI/ A/B/C + VCR-RD1188.ROD + VCR-RD1188.CLP)
  • Chrome-plated nodular segments (VCR-RD1188.SEG)
  • Gasket set (VCR-RD1188.GAS)
  • Fasteners
  • 32x45x28 exhaust nozzle
  • CNC Voca VCR-RD11AM.50 cylinder head kit with interchangeable head


  • Suitable for AM6 engines.

Recommended Vehicle fit:

  • Rieju MRT
  • Sherco 50 SM-R
  • Sherco 50 SE-R
  • Beta RR Enduro
  • Beta RR 50 SM

Upgrade your Minarelli AM6 engine with the VOCA Bestia 80cc Cylinder, and experience the thrill of enhanced performance and precision riding.

Unleash the Beast with VOCA power!