Cooling hose HQ Reinforced Minarelli Scooter

SKU: VCR-RD11-01521




1 metre
20 meters


Upgrade your Minarelli Scooter‘s cooling system with the VOCA Racing Cooling Hose HQ Reinforced. Crafted from high-quality silicone, these hoses are designed to provide exceptional durability and performance.

Available in two stylish options, bold red or sleek black, these cooling hoses offer more than just a visual upgrade. They are engineered to withstand high temperatures, ensuring that your scooter’s engine remains cool and efficient, even during demanding rides.

One of the standout features of these hoses is their reinforcement with Kevlar, a super-strong material known for its durability and resistance. With Kevlar reinforcement, these hoses are built to last, making them capable of enduring the most challenging riding conditions. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or tackling rough terrain, these hoses can handle it all.

The VOCA Racing Cooling Hose HQ Reinforced is specifically designed for Minarelli Scooters, offering a precise fit for your model. This means you can confidently install these hoses, knowing they are tailored to your scooter’s specifications.

The interior diameter of these hoses is 15 mm, while the exterior measures 21 mm, ensuring efficient coolant flow while maintaining durability. With these hoses in place, you can count on consistent cooling performance, reducing the risk of overheating and engine damage.

Whether you prefer the striking look of red or the understated elegance of black, you have the freedom to choose the colour that best suits your scooter’s style. These hoses not only provide a functional improvement but also allow you to add a touch of personalization to your ride.

Upgrade your Minarelli Scooter’s cooling system with the VOCA Racing Cooling Hose HQ Reinforced. These high-quality silicone hoses, available in red or black, offer enhanced durability, resistance to high temperatures, and a precise fit for your scooter. Improve both the function and style of your ride with this exceptional upgrade. Ride with confidence, knowing your scooter is equipped with the best.

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