Clutch-brake cable sleeves 6mm VOCA HQ Teflon 20m

SKU: VCR-RD19.CLT/..-20



Clutch cable and brake cable sheath made of Teflon with an internal diameter of 6mm VOCA HQ. Cable covers in different colors, an ideal accessory to improve the aesthetics of the motorcycle. This gas cable sheath is the result of the highest quality and technology. Teflon is a highly resistant, durable and flexible material, which guarantees a longer useful life and better performance compared to other covers on the market. VOCA offers a wide variety of colors to match any style of motorcycle, allowing you to personalize and give a unique touch to your vehicle. The available colors are Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow. Sold by the meter or in rolls of 20 meters.

20m rolls:
VCR-RD19.CLT/BK-20 Black
VCR-RD19.CLT/BL-20 Blue
VCR-RD19.CLT/GR-20 Green
VCR-RD19.CLT/OR-20 Orange
VCR-RD19.CLT/RE-20 Red
VCR-RD19.CLT/WH-20 White
VCR-RD19.CLT/YE-20 Yellow