CDI VOCA Power up AM6 (Ducati 12 bobines) Rieju old models

SKU: VCR-RD10185



Unlimited CDI for Minarelli AM6 models with “Power Up” or “Max” ignition, Ducati 12 coils. It is an essential element to prepare the engine, since they are very electronically limited from origin. VOCA Racing has developed this magnificent unlimited CDI, developed on a power bank, and tested on asphalt. Depending on the preparation you have, it is capable of allowing up to 14,000 RPM, obtaining as well more top speed. In addition to prepared engines, it can also be used as on original engines. In combination with the removal of all other factory restrictions.

Valid for:
Rieju MRX> 2008
Rieju SMX> 2008
Rieju RRX> 2008
Rieju MRT> 2008
Motorhispania Furia> 2008
Motorhispania RYZ> 2008
Peugeot XP7 2008-2014
Peugeot XR7 2008-2014
Number of pins: 24

It is not compatible with Euro 4 models, for this type of ignition we have a specific CDI. Cross OEM References:
Rieju 0 / 005.705.3930
Peugeot 802973/802746