VOCA Carbon 80cc - Beta RR-T

General Information

The VOCA Carbon 80 exhaust is result of intensive testing in competition and testing bench. An intense development finally led us to this extremely performing race product, fulfilling the needs of the most ambitious tuners. A combination of style and pure power, hand welded out of 6 cones made of 0,7mm steel. At a first glance you will notice the face of the VOCA logotype stamped into the body as well as the short high quality carbon silencer. Talking about the silencer one has to mention that it is produced out of 100% authentic carbon tubes, additionally secured with a bracket that avoids damage caused by vibrations. The CNC machined, black anodized aluminium endings are mounted with five inox screws, assuring an exclusive look comparable to wheels used in top level car-tuning. If you are looking for an outstanding, high-performing and aggressive exhaust system the VOCA Carbon 80cc exhaust should be your first choice! Available for Minarelli AM6 and Derbi Mopeds, recommended for High-End 70-80cc race cylinders. Check out the prodcut video! Back to the product-Overview

Avaible for:
  • Aprilia MX 50cc (AM6)
  • Aprilia RX 50cc (AM6)
  • Beta RK6 50cc (AM6)
  • Beta RR (AM6)
  • Beta RR-T (AM6)
  • CPI SM Supermoto 50cc (AM6)
  • CPI SX Supercross 50cc (AM6)
  • Husqvarna CH Racing 50cc (AM6)
  • Husqvarna SM Cross 50cc (AM6)
  • Motorhispania Furia Max 50cc (AM6)
  • Motorhispania RYZ 50cc (AM6)
  • Peugeot XP6 50cc (AM6)
  • Peugeot XPS 50cc (AM6)
  • Rieju MRX 50cc (AM6)
  • Rieju RR 50cc (AM6)
  • Rieju SMX SM 50cc (AM6)
  • Rieju Spike 2 50cc (AM6)
  • Sherco Enduro 50cc (AM6)
  • Sherco SM Champion Replica 50cc (AM6)
  • Sherco SMIPONE Replica 50cc (AM6)
  • Sherco SM SHARK 50cc (AM6)
  • Yamaha DTR Enduro 50cc (AM6)
  • Yamaha DTX SM 50cc (AM6)